Survivors of acid attacks take scars to the catwalk

September 10, 2016

They were disfigured by abusive men who wanted to destroy their looks and self-confidence, but two victims of acid attacks will join models on the catwalk tomorrow in the run-up to London fashion week.

Victims of acid attacks honoured in lead-up to London fashion week

September 10, 2016

Two women who were badly scarred after acid was thrown over them by men they knew will join models on catwalk at charity gala

Indian diaspora givers becoming a powerful force in global philanthropy

October 20, 2016

Sonal Sachdev Patel was born in the UK to parents who spent much of their lives in East Africa. Yet her family retains a strong sense of its Indian roots. “We were brought up with a very Indian culture. And we want our children to feel connected to India,” says Sachdev Patel, a former strategy consultant who now runs her family’s GMSP Foundation, which focuses on investing in women and girls.

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